Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Monthly Saturday

Series work?

Campers come for one full day, 9am-3pm, one Saturday per month throughout the academic year. You can choose from either the Fall Session (4 Saturdays over the course of 4 months) or the Spring session (5 Saturdays over the course of  5 months) or join both! Each Saturday follows the same daily schedule as our Summer Camp, with 2 daily specialized classes per day plus hiking, games, free choice, and arts/crafts all while being outdoors in the beautiful setting of Tilden Park. Music and dance classes rotate throughout each session so campers get to experience the variety of what our teachers have to offer.

What should I bring every day? 

  • A water bottle

  • Lunch and Snack

  • Weather-appropriate clothing! We will be outside

          in ALL weather, please bring raincoats/boots for

          rainy days, warm sweatshirts/hats/gloves for chilly 

          days and mornings - layer, layer, layer!

  • A change of clothes including something warm 

  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray

  • A hat

  • A backpack to carry everything


Is this camp a good fit for my child?

      Is your child adventurous and open to trying new things? Does your child enjoy running around, hiking, and being outside? Does your child like music and dance? Then the answer is probably yes!

What are your staffs qualifications?

      All of our staff have extensive experience with children, while our specialized music/dance teachers additionally have extensive experience in their modality, all of them considered masters in their artform. Please visit the Staff section for more about each teacher. Additionally, all of our camp counselors are CPR/First Aid certificated, fingerprinted, have passed background checks, and went through our extensive camp training.

What happens during choice time?

      Choice is a time for children to explore their surroundings. They can choose from a variety of activities including arts/crafts, nature projects, games, and books. This time will vary according to the desires of the group as well as the age range.

Is snack provided?

      No, please provide your own snack and lunch from home.

Is your camp nut-free?

      We are not generally nut-free, however, if we have a camper with a nut allergy, we will do our best to restrict nuts and nut butters in their group to allow for a safer experience. Please let us know about any allergies in general!

What are your COVID protocols?

     The past two summers, we completed very successful seasons following all the various changing protocols as we went. This coming summer 2022, as always, we will be following all Contra Costa, CA state and CDC guidelines for summer camp, including extra handwashing, temperature checks, increased staff training, and increased cleaning/sanitizing. Following the current guidelines and school protocols, masks will be optional. We request that you inform us of any COVID symptoms, exposures and/or positive tests. Please do not bring your child if they are exhibiting any symptoms. If your child has been exposed, please keep them home for 5 days after exposure, at which time, they can return with a negative test and no symptoms. Return after a positive COVID test requires 10 days home and return with a negative test and no symptoms. Please be advised that we may also request masks. We have full faith in our ability to navigate the ever-changing waters of COVID and regulations as we did the past two summers. As always, if you ever have any questions, please reach out! 

What happens if my child has a fever, feels sick, and/or is found to have nits/lice?

      We will contact you and expect your child to be picked up ASAP. Nobody wants to be out at camp when they aren't feeling well and, as we all know, nits/lice are very contagious. The health/safety of our campers and staff are always top priority so everyone stays well.

Do you provide extended care?

      Extended care is not provided, however if you are in need, please contact us as sometimes our daily camp counselors are willing to help out!

Can my child bring toys from home to camp?

      Sorry! We ask that toys stay at home where they won't get damaged or ​lost.

My child has specific needs, can they be accommodated?

     We welcome children of varying needs including those who are neurodivergent. Aids/therapists are welcome as needed. Please contact us directly if your child has particular needs so we can discuss accommodations and whether we can provide for them.

What if it's raining?

     Thankfully, Summer Camp is held during our dry season so there are no concerns of rain during the summer season. However, if we encounter significant rain during our Monthly Saturday Series, the Saturday may be postponed and rescheduled later in the session. Notification for such a reschedule will go out at the earliest possible time via email, but please note it may not be until the night before or even the morning of. Tilden is it's own micro-climate, so even if the weather is great where you are, it might be raining in Tilden and vice versa! If you are ever uncertain whether we will go ahead as scheduled, please feel free to reach out either by email or phone.

Do you offer a CIT program?

     We do! Please contact us visit our Staff page under CIT's for more information.

What if my child can only attend 1 week of a Summer Camp session?

     We encourage the full 2-week session for multiple reasons. It allows for children to establish a stronger bond with their new friends as well as allows them more time to become familiar with the camp and their teachers as a whole. It is exciting, not only to learn new skills, but also to have time and space to develop them. There may be rare instances when we might be able to make an exception- it never hurts to ask!

Can my child join as a drop-in for the Monthly Saturday Series?

     The monthly Saturday series is designed as two sessions (Fall and Spring) with classes building on each other and alternating so campers get the chance to experience all of our teachers throughout each session. It is also designed to create a sense of community and connection which builds as the campers are with each other each month. If there is space, there might be an opportunity to join after the session has begun, but one-time drop-ins will not be accepted.

Can I get a refund if my child cannot attend one day of the Monthly Saturday Series sessions?

     According to our refund policy stated below, we will not offer refunds after 30 days before the start of a session, including for a missed day. Additionally, we will not prorate a session if your child is unable to attend one or more of the scheduled Saturdays.

What is the cost of camp?

      Summer Camp is offered in 2-week sessions. Regular pricing is $1100 for 2 weeks (or $550/week). During Early Bird Registration offered from January 1 to March 1, we offer camp for $900 per session (or $450/week). Our Monthly Saturday Series is $450 for the Fall Session (4 Saturdays over 4 months) and $550 for the Spring Session (5 Saturdays over 5 months). We strive to make camp as affordable as possible, while also seeking to compensate our amazing teachers what they deserve. Please believe us when we tell you that we pay our teachers above market rate and for good reason! They are worth it plus more! That said, we do our best to accommodate everyone so that families who want to join us can. Please see below for discounts and scholarships.

Do you offer discounts?

      Discounts are offered for both Summer Camp and our Monthly Saturday Series for siblings, and solo-parent households. Additionally, Early Bird Registrations for summer camp are offered typically between January 1 and March 1. Additional need-based financial scholarships and payment plans are also available. We do our best to offer every family an opportunity to join us at the same time taking into consideration the cost of fair compensation to our incredible teachers. Please contact us directly for discounts and scholarships so discount codes may be given when appropriate.

Can I get a refund if my plans change?

      A full refund, minus a 5% processing fee, may be returned up to 30 days before the start of the first day of the Summer Camp season and/or the first day of each Monthly Saturday Series session. After 30 days before the start of any session, we are unable to provide a refund. 


*Please note: If your child is asked to leave for any reason and/or COVID causes camp to close after any session has begun (Summer Camp or the Monthly Saturday Series), no refunds will be given.*