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Introducing our new week of camp specifically designed for campers with neurodivergence! Over the years One Generation Camp has attracted campers who may struggle in a typical school setting, but blossom beautifully in the outdoor semi-structured environment of our camp. As always, these campers are welcome in any session, but we want to give these campers more and this specialized week allows just that.


Is this for me?

  • Does your child find nature calming?

  • Does your child thrive in a smaller group setting with more individual attention and support from teachers?

  • Does your child need space to move and time recover from overstimulation?

  • Is your child non-aggressive?

  • Is your child able to use a portapotty on their own?

  • Does your child have mild support needs?

  • Does your child do well in inclusive settings?

  • Can your child hike for one hour?

  • Are you wiling to work as a team with us to support your child in having an awesome camp experience?  

If you answered yes to most of these questions our Neurodivergent week might be the right fit for your child.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are specialists in the field of children with neurodivergence's. 

Rachel, our founder and director, not only brings over 25 years of experience working with kids with all kinds of abilities, but her fun loving attitude and focus on kindness makes all children feel valuable and supports a joyful camp experience. 

Erin has worked with children of varying age groups and abilities for the past 10 years and is passionate about supporting social and emotional wellness in children through movement and expressive arts. Her attentiveness and devotion to the children she supports builds a strong bond and sense of community for campers.



This specialized week of camp is for campers ages 5 to 8. Our instructional dance and drumming classes will be reduced to 45 minutes to accommodate the campers needs. The low child to staff ratio means we can give your child more individualized support.

What to expect.

On your first day you will drive through Tilden park to Padres Picnic area. You will walk up the stairs to an open field with picnic tables, hula hoops, balls and a mat with books and art supplies. At the first picnic table you will be greeted by Rachel or Erin and sign in for the day. Your backpack with your lunch and water bottle will go by the mat under the trees and you'll have free time to play or read until morning circle. At morning circle the councilors will make any announcements, welcome all the campers, and prepare you for the dance or music class that comes next. Chris teaches Capoera, Nabi teaches West African dance and drumming, Demnis teaches Cuban Dance and Antwan teaches Body Percussion. Class will last 45 minutes. After class you'll have a snack from your backpack, use the bathroom and go for a hike with Rachel and Erin and the other campers. 


I want to apply. Now what?

This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.


  • My child needs one-on-one support. Is this the right place for them?

  • Do you offer extended care or early drop off?

  • My child has an aid, can they come?

  • My child does not have a diagnosis, but I believe they are neurodivergent, can they come to this week of camp?

  • My child fits the profile for the Neurodivergent week, but we'd prefer they come to a different session. Is that okay?

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