Rachel Gorham


With her MEd in Child Development and over 20 years of experience, Rachel has worked with children of all ages, cultures, and languages. Through organizing service projects within schools and experience traveling within a variety of cultures, Rachel realizes the importance of kindness, community, and teaching children about the rest of the world. With her background in dance, she found a powerful way to bring culture and connection to children through music and dance in the outdoors.  She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in children.


From Santiago, Cuba, Denmis Bain Savigne is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, singer, and performer with experience in AfroCuban dance, folklore, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. Among many other performances, he performed around the world with Havana Nightclub and choreographed such works as the Latin Grammys, Emilio Estefan, Kenny Ortega, Siegfried & Roy, and Cirque du Soleil. Denmis has taught in a variety of venues including festivals, schools, and studios both nationally and internationally. Denmis is currently the owner of Cuban Rhythm and Rumba Dance Studio located in Vallejo, California.

Denmis Bain Savigne 

Cuban Rhythm and Dance Teacher


Nancy Herrera

Lead Camp Counselor

Nancy thrives working with children and is motivated to help them reach their potential. With 16 years of experience in a variety of settings, she has taught children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. As a lifelong educator, nutrition coach and fitness trainer, Nancy has a deep passion for a healthy, positive and joyful lifestyle. She inspires her students to be respectful, kind and thoughtful of each other and their community.


Iggy Smijanic

Assist. Camp Counselor

Originally from Serbia, Iggy loves to work while traveling. He has been all around the world, having met people from many different cultures which he then adds to his teaching method with children. He loves to show children how other children live around the world, making it fun and interesting . With 4 years experience working with children, he has worked with the whole range of ages. 


Anna Grace earned her BA in Child Development from Mills College. She is a RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher), a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), is trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and earned a Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology. She has been working with youth with the full range of developmental and physical abilities for over 10 years in schools, homes, and community centers.

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Naby Bangoura

West African Dance Teacher

Naby Bangoura learned traditional West African dance during village ceremonies and celebrations in Guinée, West Africa. At the young age of fifteen, Naby started dancing professionally with Les Merveilles de Guinée. In 1998, Les Merveilles brought him to perform in major venues throughout the United States. Known for his energetic and fluid dance style and soaring spirit, master dance teacher Naby Bangoura has been performing and teaching high energy West African dance, Guinée style, in dance studios and dance workshops all over the United States, as well as Japan, Australia, and Guinée.


Edgar Hernandez Gallegos

Assist. Camp Counselor

Growing up in the US in a Mexican household, Edgar was exposed to a multicultural environment in which Mexican and American culture coexisted. This instilled within him an appreciation of cultural diversity around the world. Both in school and after school, Edgar held  an interest in playing a variety of instruments and in dance. Edgar also spent a significant amount of time studying Mandarin Chinese and becoming familiar with Chinese culture including having lived and taught children in Shanghai for a period. This allowed his understanding of the world to deepen even more. 

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Mestre Recruta

Capoeira Teacher

Mestre Recruta, Chris Montiel, began Capoeira at the age of 19. In 2005, he graduated as a “Formado” by the United Capoeira Association (UCA), an internationally recognized capoeira school. In 2016, in recognition of his work, Recruta earned the title of “Mestre,”. In 2009, he realize his dream of opening his own academy in Hayward. Since 2000, he has had the privilege of being a part of the teaching collective at UCA, where he continues to regularly teach classes.  He regularly teaches classes and workshops around the Bay Area, the US and abroad.


Antwan Davis

Body Percussionist/ Step Teacher

Antwan Davis is a multi-percussionist that co-founded the performance arts company Molodi, performed with the Las Vegas and North American production of Stomp, and toured nationally with Step Afrika. He has been engaging audiences for 14 years with body percussion and stepping. As a teacher, he is enthused by creating community through body music, giving people a different outlet of expression. He actively performs and teaches workshops and residencies in the U.S and internationally.


Adam is a performing artist and yoga instructor with a passion for working with children. He attended the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and got his B.A. in Theater with a minor in Music Industry. He was an arts camp counselor for UCLA Recreation Summer Camps and then went on to work 2 summers at UCLA’s

premier family resort, Bruin Woods. He loves working with children to really get to see them grow and to help invest in their futures.


Uri E. Arauz
Capoeira Teacher

Uri started his practice with the Omulu Capoeira Group in 1996 under the teachings of Mestre Preguica. Uri has been an active participant with the Omulu Capoeira Group assisting with performances, community programs and performing workshops for inner-city youth in the Bay Area. Instructor Uri is an advocate for the community, promoting the art of Capoeira to enrich people with health and cultural awareness. He has been working with youth for many years in a variety of different capacities.


Adam Turney

Lead Camp Counselor

Ronan McCarthy
Lead Camp Counselor

Ronan has been in the Bay Area his entire life, growing up in nearby Monterey. He has spent his entire life working with children, starting with his sister’s basketball team when he was only 16. He has spent most summers working with hundreds of happy campers, and believes in the importance of fun! His endless energy and enthusiasm during games, hikes and various activities is motivated by a philosophy of leading by example, as it is important to show the new generation how to enjoy themselves! 

Meet Our Teachers

Mohamed Lamine Bangoura

W. African DrumTeacher

Lamine Bangoura is a master drummer and musician from Guinea, West Africa. He is a djembe fola, an expert in African percussion, and has been lead percussionist and musical director for African ballets across Western Africa and the San Francisco Bay Area.  He moved to the United States in April 2011 and has been teaching and directing classes and events since. Lamine carries the true spirit of Africa in his appreciation of the drum as a tool for human connection and language. 

Anna LeFevre Harris

Assistant Director